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One more chance? by gensomaden-saihumis
One more chance?

Got this idea from Starscreams constant begging.

Maybe even Megs cannot resist Screams puppy-dog eyes? Wink/Razz 

Sorry for the bad quality, I don't have a scanner and my phone could not get a better picture.

Dim lights and computers beeping was the first thing Frostbite noticed after she opened her optics. For a nano click she blinked her optics before panic took over her as she noticed that she was tied up by her arms, hanging in mid air. She scanned the room for answers and worked on her memory circuits to remember what had happened, how she came to this situation.
I was driving back to the base and ..STARSCREAM! He shot me with a missile..
- I see you're online..

Someone spoke as the door opened and a tall, red Decepticon stepped in. He locked his red optics with Frostbites blue ones and started walking towards her and spoke. Frostbite stayed silent and just tried to free her arms.
- No use, after your fellow Autobot Wheeljack managed to break away from them, I have made them stronger.

 The red Decepticon grinned and walked to the nearest computer. Frostbite grit her teeth and continued to scan the room for possible ways to get her loose.
- Just few more adjustments and we are ready to start

 The red con muttered mostly to himself. Frostbite grew more desperate, she had to brake free. The red con turned around with a cable in his hand.

 Oh Scrap!

 Frostbite knew that if the cable was connected to her, they'd probably get information of her that should never get to the hands of the Decepticons. She tried with all her strength to break
 free from the chains, with no success.

- Now now, this won’t hurt a bit

 The red con connected the cable into Frostbites neck. She tried her best to lock down her memory circuits and other boards with classified information such as the location of their base.

- Hmm.. Difficult one. It might take me a while to brake this firewall..

- You'll never get any info out of me, not while energon still runs in my veins

 Frostbite growled.

- So your voice box isn't broken after all, eh?

 The con chuckled and continued typing something on the computer.

- Now this virus should do the job.


- If you co-operate, we don't have to use it. Your choice.

- Over my dead body..

- Your bad

 The red con shrugged, pressed enter to download the virus into Frostbite. She could feel how the virus slowly downloaded itself into systems. Fighting back drained energon, but she would rather sacrifice herself than let the information on the hands of these cons. The red con lifted Frostbites chin up with his index finger.

- The more you resist, the more aggressively the virus will attack your systems. You're wasting your energon, Gorgeous.

- What do you care, Con!

- Oh, it would just be a shame to lose a femme with such stunning chassis, Autobot or not.

 Frostbite just glared at the him. The computer beeped, the con stepped in front of it to look at the status.

- Frostbite, is it? Nice name. Vehicle mode Mitsubishi Eclipse.. Interesting, but not the info I need.

 He said and turned to face Frostbite once more. He saw how fiercely she fought to resist the virus, this of course drained her energon quickly and soon she would lose consciousness. Frostbite felt dizzy and her vision started to blur.

- Now that you know me.. It would only be fair to introduce yourself..

The red con moved closer to her face plate.

- Shhh.. I'm the nice doctor, now close your optics and rest.

- Knockout! Report!

Starscream yelled as he entered the dim room.

Knockout.. I'll remember that..

Frostbite thought before she lost consciousness.

Ko by gensomaden-saihumis


TFP Ch. 1 The nice doctor.
Here's a TFP fanfic featuring my oc Frostbite. Her alliance is Autobot, she's young and a bit rebellious scout.
I will add an better picture and description of her later, here's one hastily done picture as you may see from the way it has been colored Stupid Me! I also apologize for any faults in the text, my brain has not been working for a while, I blame my 8mth old son he takes most of my attenttion Giggle 

(also note that I've only recently started watching TFP and am currently in the middle of season 2, so I might not know everything)

Hope you enjoy

anything written like this is Frostbite thinking


Have you heard the news that you're dead?
Hi guys!

I have packed all my stuff away, I am moving soon so I can't do any request (even those that I've already started) until I have a new apartment and I get my stuff unpacked. Sorry, but life can be a bitch sometimes :/

Hope you guys understand, please be patient with me :)

<3 Jazz
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